A park and a bean.

Every Chicago wedding photographer has no doubt been to the “bean” in Millennium Park. It seems someone actually named it the Cloud Gate, however I’ve never actually heard that used. The images below are three different angles on two different visits. Some might be concerned that too many people are in the pictures. I think they add to the city feel so I’m fine with the random onlookers in the shots.

Millennium Park | The Bean | Wedding PicturesMillennium Park | The Bean | Wedding PicturesMillennium Park | The Bean | Wedding Pictures

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Written by Eric O'Connor Wedding Photographer

Eric O'Connor is the owner and photographer at Chicago based Allori Photography.

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  • Vivian says:

    Very nice shots. I don't understand though, what is that sphere? It it a mirror or is it made out of metal? Whatever it is, it provides for very interesting reflections.

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